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Our Approach to Counselling


Our 25 years of experience has taught us that all clients and their circumstances are unique; we simply have no master-key that will fit all cases. For that reason, Woodrows Counselling & Consulting utilizes an eclectic*, multi-disciplinary therapeutic approach tailored to the specific needs of each individual client. We realize that you are coming to us during a challenging time in your life. Therefore, when you talk to us about a difficulty, our task is to utilize our expertise and experience and to select a therapy that is responsive to your condition; to create the optimal conditions for effective positive change in relation to your presenting problem.


Our immediate objective is to engage you, the client, in a safe, secure, illuminating therapeutic environment, and work together towards mutually agreed upon goals based on your personality and preferences.


Free Consultation Session


In order to facilitate the best counselling experience for you, we offer a free consultation session to discuss your expectations and goals.  In this session, we also share with you what we can offer, and to answer any questions you have regarding our counselling services.  We want to make sure we have the right services for you, and we want to promote openess and tranparency, right from the start! 


* see blog on eclectic counselling approach 

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