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Keith Woodrow


Master of Education, Counselling & Psychology

Member of the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association


Keith has been working as professional Counsellor and Therapist for over 25 years. 


Born in Montreal, Keith speaks French (70%) and English. Keith has 25 years of Counselling experience as well as 5 years as a School Principal of a Comprehensive Multi-Cultural combined Elementary/High school serving a predominantly Inuit population who learned in a second language, as well a French and English first language population. Keith also worked as a classroom teacher, a special education teacher, and a teacher for adolescent delinquent boys.


Keith’s keen interest in Psychology developed while working with adolescents, children, and families, led him to decide to pursue a degree in Counselling Psychology at McGill University in Montreal in 1989. Keith graduated and received his Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology in 1991 at McGill.


While still in Quebec, Keith worked as a Counsellor and Psychologist at a High School and three Elementary schools. This experience involved Career and Guidance Counselling, Individual and Group Counselling with Adolescents and Elementary age children, as well as Psychological testing.


(Please note that Keith did not pursue a Chartered Psychologist designation in Alberta. Therefore, he does not do Psychological testing and is not a Registered Psychologist at this time.)


In the fall of 1991, Keith accepted employment with Lethbridge School District 51 as an Elementary Family Liaison Counsellor and moved with his wife and four children to Lethbridge, Alberta. Keith saw this position as exciting and brilliant as it was a proactive approach to aiding positive mental health development for youth by treating psychological difficulties closer to their roots, thus often preventing lifelong psychological pain.


During his 23-year tenure as a Counsellor with Lethbridge 51, Keith’s Counselling experience involved family work, group counselling, structured learning groups, whole class interventions, whole school Mental Health program design, conflict resolution programming, peer counselling development and training, as well as ongoing daily Individual Counselling with students. As well, he was the on-site supervisor and trainer for five Master’s level Counselling Interns and four Child and Youth Care workers, and he was also responsible for crisis intervention and Threat Assessment. Furthermore, Keith, in his role as a Liaison, worked with Health Professionals, organizations, and institutions in Lethbridge and surrounding areas. All this experience enabled Keith to facilitate positive change in a broad range of complex psychological situations requiring a high degree of competence and experience. Ultimately, this proved invaluable in developing his personal and professional counselling expertise as a quality effective Therapist.


In 2001, Keith and his wife Louise decided to begin a private practice as they formed Woodrows Counselling and Consulting helping adults, adolescents and children with a variety of difficult psychological situations.


In 2013, after 23 productive and rewarding years, Keith retired from Lethbridge 51.


Presently Keith continues his work to provide quality Counselling and Consulting services in Lethbridge.


Throughout the years, Keith has provided and continues to provide confidential, safe, effective, competent, sensitive, and professional, Counselling Therapy for children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families as well as Consulting services to organizations and institutions.


In conclusion, Keith operates from a philosophical position that “difficulty is a gateway to new beginning.” We at Woodrows Counselling and Consulting are happy to serve you in this, “your quest.” 


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